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    I am Jessie Bloom and I am a psychic medium. I am located in the Ocean City, Maryland and Delaware beach areas.My Purpose in doing this work is to bring understanding, healing, and comfort to my clients. Once you broaden your spiritual awareness and understand that your loved ones who have passed on are still with you your life will be changed forever.If you are grieving the loss of a loved one a reading should not take the place of grief counseling, seek counsel.

          As a medium I receive messages  from Spirits who have passed on. I receive messages by clairaudience (hearing),   clairvoyance (seeing), claircognizance (knowing), and clairsentience (feeling). Quite often the simplest of messages a loved one's spirit will convey through me can transform a client's life. It can be the simple knowing that their loved one is still with them or the client is released from a belief or feeling which allows them to move forward in their life with a sense of peace.
      As a psychic (or intuitive) I can focus on current life issues as well as occurrences from the past. In doing so a client can gain a new perspective and a greater understanding of those situations. Future predictions (or prophecy) are a little harder to grab hold of because current life paths and free will play a great part in them. If you fill your heart and mind with positive thoughts and self love then you are equipped with the greatest power to bring on wonderful things in your life. You've always had that power.
  Thank you for visiting my website and I look forward to helping you make the spiritual connection that is meant for you.
         Jessie Bloom