About Jessie
In my youth I always had a higher level of perception when it came to interpreting my environment.  I would know more

about a person than meets the eye or know more about a situation going on without being told anything. Plus I was always sensitive to
energy around me that I later discovered was energy of passed loved ones coming to visit.  As a kid that was just my normal.
As time went on I realized that I sensed more than others did. From there I decided not to ignore this ability or put a label on it such as
unnatural or ungodly.  I chose to acknowledge it and appreciate it. Just like with any other ability a person has I used it for my own
benefit and now, with great pleasure, for the benefit of those I read for. 
By the time I was 19 I had lost my father, mother and my only remaiming grandparent. At that point I continued on my chosen path of going to 
college, traveling, and starting a career. With all of these challenges, adventures, and accomplishments a lot of soul searching naturally occurred.
This soul searching brought forth a slew of emotions that needed to be dealt with. It was during this emotional time that my psychic and
mediumship abilities were brought to the forefront in order to help me through this time. Also at this time I started a meditation practice which
added clarity and balance to my life as I had never known it before. It was then that I discovered my true self. 
From there my abilities naturally grew stronger. I went on to develop with other meditation and development groups. In order to hone and perfect 
my perception abilities I attended  the school of Healing and Prophecy out of Lily Dale, NY. This afforded me a firmer foundation in my 
knowledge and abilities and how they can be used for the highest and best good of others. To help others in this way has been my honor and joy
and I look forward to being of service to you as well.

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