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The Purpose of a Reading
Generally, the main purposes for the client to receive a reading is to:
- Communicate with Spirits who have passed on to the Spirit plane.
- Gain comfort and healing in knowing that their loved one is fine and happy thereby easing the grieving process. 
- Receive evidence that proves a loved one's Spirit is still alive and is still in the client's life.
- Have a deeper understanding of occurrences and situations from the past and present which can result in a new perception and feeling about the situation resulting in acceptance and closure.
 Ultimately, my main goal as  medium is for you the client to have a meaningful experience. One that may give you a whole
new perspective that brings  greater understanding, relief, or closure in relation to a loved one who has passed or a situation in your life. 
How to Prepare for a Reading
 Be as completely open to the experience as you can. The more open you are and the less you resist due to any limiting feeling you have 
the richer the experience will be. When you are open there is a better flow of energy which allows for more clarity of information coming through 
from Spirit. This makes my job a lot easier and enhances your experience. 

In days preceding your reading you may want to start a list of questions you would like to ask Spirit. You can write them down or do this mentally. You can also specifically ask certain Spirit s to be present. There are no guarantees. It is the choice of Spirit  if they come forward.
Just prior to your reading make sure that you are relaxed and open minded.To relax you can sit quietly in a chair, close your eyes and focus on
your breath. You can also go on a little walk to clear your mind. When sitting for the reading, make sure that you are alone in a place
without distractions. If another person is with you a Spirit may come through for that person which causes confusion.
Take notes. A complementary recording of the reading will be given to you but I recommend that you also take notes due to any problems that may occur with the recording. 
 What to Expect During a Reading
A complementary recording of your reading will be given to you. Read all information on Booking a Reading page.
DO NOT GIVE ME ANY INFORMATION at any time prior to the reading in correspondence or conversation, or at the time of the reading itself. Any information that you give me can influence how I perceive a message from Spirit and a misinterpretation can occur.At the start of a reading I will begin
to connect with Spirit. At that time information about you, the client, will come through. I will then want 
you only to confirm the information or not with
yes and no answers. This will give me a chance to connect with you through the vibration of your
voice. From there a Spirit will make itself known and start to communicate or we will request a particular Spirit to come through. Then we start identifying the Spirit and start the communication.
Some people never change , which is also the case for Spirit. Even though a loved one is now in Spirit they may still retain aspects of their human personality when they come through. For example, if they were soft spoken and shy then they may not want to come forward or may only say very
little, but If Aunt Mary, who always wanted her opinion to be heard, is tuning in then there's a good chance she'll be showing up. 
Every reading is unique and there are no guarantees. Every reading is different because every personality and situation is different.
We take what Spirit gives us and we should use it for the highest and the best in our lives. Much of the information that comes through is up to the
client's interpretation.
Spirit may tell me " Rebecca" in a long drawn out way pronouncing the two 'c' sounds which sounds odd to me, but to the
client this brought comfort and laughter because that is the silly way her departed mother sometimes pronounced her name to be funny. 
 messages can come through to me in a complete verbal sentence or complete sense of knowing with all details. It all depends.
Time will tell. It is quite common that a message or Spirit in a reading will not be clearly understood or identified at first by the client. In later days
 and weeks an unfolding occurs and the meaning or Spirit becomes apparent to the client. A Spirit by the name of Ben comes though but
the client
 does not know a Ben. After a couple of weeks the client recalls a young man named Ben that she had know 40 years ago who had died.
 years may seem like a long time to us on the Earth plane but not to Ben because there is no time in the Spirit plane. He saw an opening to the
 client so he popped in to say hi. It's also very common for a grandparent who died before the client's birth to communicate as well.
About Future Predictions  (Prophecy)
Let me start off by saying that future predictions are not a focal point in my readings. Information about the future can come through in a reading but
 it's not set in stone. Prophecy is influenced by your current life path, your intention for your future, and free will. So, with these
factors at play you
 can have a prediction come to complete fruition, come to pass but not exactly as it was predicted, or not at all. The most
wonderful thing about your
 future is that you are the one who has the most power in determining what will happen in your life. Move forward in your life with self love and
expectations of only the best. Think as if, and it will be. We do encounter challenges in our lives but these are
meant for our soul's learning and
 growth. You must work through these challenges without letting them defeat you, and if you do you may come out of it with some scars but you will
 have a deeper knowing of who you are, a truer sense of what life is all about, and a feeling of deep joy and contentment.That is my wish for
Legal Disclaimer
The Readings and the messages are subject to your own interpretation. The information provided should not be considered medical,
psychological, legal, financial, relationship, or business advice. Your choices and or actions based on the content of your reading are your
responsibility. I am not a doctor, psychologist, or counselor. I do not prescribe or diagnose.  I absolutely advise clients to seek the advice of a
professional on any medical, emotional, mental, legal, financial, relationship, business, or other issue or concern. A reading is a source
 of inspiration and should not be substituted for professional help.
A reading will not take the place of grief counseling. If you are
grieving and need help please seek the help of a trained grief counselor.
Privacy Policy
All personal information and contents in a client's reading will remain confidential. All client contact information such as address, email, and phone
numbers will not be shared or sold to a third party. This privacy policy will be void if the client reveals that they may be a harm to
themselves or
others. In which case appropriate authorities may be alerted and provided client  information.  
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